Mohegan Fire Company Inc. was established in 1946, with the fundamental purpose of an “organization for fire suppression services”, which is the protection of people and property in an intricate society. Since 1946, Mohegan Fire Company has added many other responsibilities for participating members to help their community. These include emergency medical services for on scene patient stabilization, transport of sick and injured to hospitals, control of hazardous materials, the preservation of life in disasters and major emergencies, water rescues, pre-fire planning, master planning, mutual aid agreements, and rescue work.

The fire department is staffed by at least one person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When he is responding to a call it is up to the volunteers to help man the station and respond to other calls. There are 8 trucks total, 2 ambulances, 2 service trucks, 2 fire engines, 1 brush truck, and one heavy rescue engine, as well as a boat for water rescues and emergencies. Not only does the department serve the town by assisting with emergency calls, but we participate in town parades, funerals, gatherings, and sometimes we are even called just to spray down a baseball field to keep the dust down. We provide a wide range of services to help everyone big and small.

Mohegan Fire Company started on in a firehouse where the Route 2A interchange crosses Route 32. Faced with the State of Connecticut’s acquisition of their property for highway construction, the fire company relocated to its present site on 2029 Route 32 near Occum Lane in 1966. Fire protection for the area had, since 1927, been provided by the Montville Fire Company No 1 with frequent assistance from Norwich. Recognizing the need for more timely response to fires and other emergencies in a growing district, a few men organized a volunteer fire company and subsequently has it chartered by the State of Connecticut. The women’s auxiliary was formed in 1955 and was disbanded in 2005.

The founders instilled both dedication and perseverance, and the company steadily grew in membership and other resources. A 1921 open cab Maxim was the first real engine. The members undertook first to expand the apparatus quarters and then, on land provided by a member, erected their first true fire station and later added a meeting hall. This station was demolished to make way for the highway in the early 1960’s. Ambulance service was stated in 1952 with a used Packard acquired from the U.S. Navy. The first new piece of apparatus was a 1953 Ford/Maxim engine that delivered water at the rate of 500 gallons per minute.

Located in the Uncasville section of the Town of Montville, the Mohegan Fire Company Was established in 1946. With time our service area grew to include the areas and villages of Montville, Mohegan, Chesterfield, and Oakdale, CT in the original settlement of the town. In modern times we provide mutual aid and ambulance coverage to other departments in the towns of Bozrah, Norwich, Preston, and beyond. Besides fire, our services include first-response care to medical calls for service; as well as technical rescue for motor vehicle accidents, confined space & high angle situations, and a coordinated response with other Montville departments for water search & rescue. We operate at the Hazardous Materials – Operational level, utilizing mutual aid for any higher level Hazardous Materials incidents.

Within our service area, we have the Thames River from the Norwich line to the Waterford line, 1 major limited access highways, 3 secondary highways, an active railway, and numerous commercial and industrial properties including a Montville Commons, 3 hotels, a shopping center, and a commercial area. We cover these locales with 2 engines, a heavy rescue unit, a medium-duty service unit, a boat, a service r-1 unit, 2 ambulances, a chief’s vehicle, and the dedicated service of over 30 men and women; all of whom serve the community as volunteers.

America, ready or not, was facing unprecedented growth in population. The “baby boom” was upon us. More housing was needed for the new young families. Suburban development began in many areas of the country. One of those areas was a section of Montville known as Mohegan Meadows, or simply Mohegan.

“Dispatching” in the early days was accomplished via a telephone network, and the house siren alerted anyone within earshot. With the advent of modern radio equipment, Mohegan Fire Company kept pace and continues to upgrade communications as needed.

The company has supported its growth with a variety of fund-raising activities, primarily bingo, as well as public dinners, car washes, and door-to door solicitation of the public for the support of the ambulance.

We dedicate ourselves to continuing our 72 years of community service well into the 21st century!

During the years at Mohegan Fire Company Inc, has furnished classes at night to get EMT certification for the volunteers. Volunteers help people when they have a medical emergency, and fire calls, hazmat and rescue calls as well. Volunteers include a wide range of people, men and woman, old and young, all with different certifications and abilities. When members first join, all are expected to finish a “probationary sheet”. This is comprised of standard tasks and knowledge that everyone should know to be able to safely respond to calls and help when needed. So even though some are better than others at firefighting or EMS, everyone is expected to know the basics and be able to work with one another.

As a volunteer, one is expected to make a total of 60 “points”, consisted of meetings, trainings, and calls. We are expected to volunteer our free time, if possible, when others in our community really need it. They spend much time at the firehouse. Members can bunk there if needed, shower, cook, watch television or movies, use the internet, and even play on the firehouse Wii. This is only done when there aren’t calls and all chores are done around the house. It is every member’s responsibility to clean up after themselves, empty the garbage when needed, clean the trucks and equipment when needed and all in all, keep a good overall appearance of the department.

Every member is issued a set of turnout gear or fire safety gear and given a pager so they can listen for when there is an emergency call. Mohegan Fire Company recently added a text message feature for members who would like to receive a text message about the call information instead of having their pager on them all the time. When the call is toned out members can either respond from home and report to the firehouse and jump on a truck to help or they can respond right to the scene. This all depends on their qualifications, the nature of the call and where the call is located.

Dedicated members absolutely love volunteering and helping my community. It is gratifying to be to go into someone’s house and help them in their time of need, or show up to a car accident and be able to reassure a patient that I’m going to do whatever I can to get them to the hospital safely. Working as a firefighter and EMS professional can be very stressful, but with many of the people in firehouse, we try to work with volunteers and make them feel comfortable, confident and not only trusted but also be able trust others to do our jobs and get home safely.

Paid and volunteer firefighters and EMS providers are always subjected to critical judgment because of false stories, or partial truths. One of the biggest participants in making false depictions of fire department volunteers is the media. Many departments want to show the Public details of an emergency incident, but privacy issues restrict what can be displayed.